(metrics) Starting June on the right foot

Starting Count: 295
Ending Count: 728
Net Gain: + 433
Current Word MTD count: 433

Starting line:
When the CrossCat had first decided to come live with her, Molly had been slightly worried about what kind of foods she’d end up preparing. After all, she hadn’t quite seen him eating kibble, no matter how much like a housecat he sometimes appeared. To her relief, CrossCats seemed very much like humans: Schrodinger was perfectly willing to eat almost anything she put in front of him, including eggs, peanut butter sandwiches and cupcakes. And he had developed a taste for iced Earl Grey tea that worried her on occasion. In fact, he preferred it to water. The vet said it wouldn’t hurt him, as far as she could tell.

Ending line:
Someone was building a snowman, apparently; considering there weren’t any children currently living in the building, Molly wondered who it was.

The coffeemaker in the kitchen was burbling when she walked in, brewing the hot tea that she’d set up the night before. Coffee was, in Molly’s opinion, a substance best used only in cooking to bring out chocolate flavors. It was not a substance fit to drink. Ever.

Yep, up late to write. I will write every day this month. I will.

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