(metrics) First day of the new schedule

Well, new writing schedule. I am remembering I am a night owl.

I am also remembering that I write to my own schedule, and not anyone else’s.

Starting Count: 3517
Ending Count: 3775
Net Gain: + 258
Current Word MTD count: 2493

Starting line:
Luke mumbled something that Drew couldn’t understand, and turned back to his own computer before the tech could ask. Drew could imagine, though. Probably the same thought running through his own head.

Ending line:
Drew shook his head. “Dunno.” Then he cocked his head as the first sounds of the newcomer reached his ears. “But this might get interesting.”

All it took was one locus point to be off by a few degrees for a Road to vanish. Or deposit a traveler thousands of miles from their preferred destination. If they made it at all.

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