(personal) Well, it’s been a while

I haven’t been doing much in the blogging way for a while, simply because I didn’t feel I had that much to say. I’m surviving. I’m writing in bits and pieces lately, mostly snippets of poetry that I’ve been posting to my Facebook page. I’ve never really considered myself a poet, but that’s where my writing is going lately.

I’m still working on the Advent story for 2018, and I’m going to finish it. Then there will be a break from Advent for a while. There are other stories that I think I might finally be ready to write.

I’m sewing a lot, though. I’m crocheting and hand-sewing and cross-stitching, and making garb (finally). My mother used to threaten to take scissors to my garb at the next event she saw me at in my old garb, so I’d have to make new garb. I think she’d be proud that I’m finally getting off my old crutch of pirate shirts and skirts, and venturing into new garb territory. There will be pictures later.

I’m also getting ready to start my second Whole30 round on Monday, so today is getting my meal plan together so I can cook tomorrow afternoon. The sad thing is that I’m really tired today, and I’ve got a Mardi Gras party tonight, and so I’m really just not wanting to do anything.

So yeah, that’s the state of the Val right now. I’m going to be working on some more things coming up in the spring, but I wanted to let people know I wasn’t quite dead.

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