(to-do/writing) The Rapture can wait, #Balticon is coming!

I know, I know. Trust me – I’m pagan, raised Jewish/Christian. I’m one of the ones who KNOWS the Rapture will pass me by. I’m hoping it makes the world a better place if it does, by taking all the rigid thinkers away. Mean, maybe, but I’m being honest.

But, I’m not going to worry about it. Balticon is NEXT WEEK! EEK! I’m so not ready. :p

So today, we work on stuff.

– Morning Pages
– Fold laundry in living room and put it away
– Dinner with
– Zucchini tea breads
– Lemon Thyme tea breads
– Apple tea breads
– English scones
– Make food plan for Balticon
– Edits to last two S&S stories and send
– Finish edits on Ep. 2 and send to Jeff

I want to write a bit more on the novella and/or Molly too, but this is good for right now. I’m crocheting at 7 pm, when the game comes on.

Now, to the kitchen!

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