(health update) Day three of completely no gluten

and it’s official – I have a cold.  Gluten does not cause green snot to come out of my nose.  *sigh*  Just what I needed before Capclave.  I’m alternating tea and juice and hoping to kill it dead.


Bah.  I hate having a depressed immune system.  However!!!  I resisted Panera this morning! (Managers brought us in breakfast – they brought me a fruit cup, since I requested that, rather than gluten.)  Go me!


I’m getting this under control.  Tonight, we swim.

2 Responses to “(health update) Day three of completely no gluten”

  1. Connie Cockrell

    Sorry about the cold. Hope you can ditch it before your conference.

  2. Val

    Me too, thanks!

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