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(writing/updates/personal) Good intentions rarely survive the first fight

Because I can mix metaphors with the best!  And seriously, it’s how I’m feeling right now.


Why?   Because I had PLANS for October, dear friends.  PLANS in all capitals.  And real life looked at my plans, patted me on the head, and said, “You’re adorable, did you know that?”


I have a book coming out on Friday.  Did you know that?  No, probably not, unless you’re me, because all my plans to do a blog tour and get the word out and be giving you guys teasers all month did NOT happen.  Why?  Well, work blew up and I got sick and LIFE.  LIFE with all capitals.  Welcome to my world, where 24 hours is just not enough.


I could put the launch off, but I’m not going to.  I refuse to give in to circumstances.  Besides, I’m going to be on Mitchell Plested’s “Get Published” podcast on Sunday, and it’s all about the book, so you know…  But I’m not kidding myself.  There will not be a lot of storming the lists, or anything like that.  I really wish I could not be at work Friday, so I could promote the hell out of it.


I mean, come on!  It’s a ghost novella!  On Halloween!  And….


Oh, yeah, I suppose I ought to tell you what book is coming out, huh?


Into thumbnail



Isn’t it pretty?  Here’s the blurb:

Shipping heiress Sapph Pendragon never thought about how to use her unique psychic gifts. Not until a phone call brought her to a small town in New Hampshire to help a pair of ghost hunters discover what really happened to a missing girl. But will the detectives investigating the case accept their help? Or will Terri Reynolds be missing forever?


This book marks my decision to not write what “the market” (whoever decides that) wants, but to write stories I want to read, and publish them under my own name.  It combines three of my favorite things: ghosts, mysteries and police detectives.  I’ve described it as “Ghost Hunters meets Criminal Minds, with a bit of Supernatural thrown in.”  Although it could be Midsomer Murders too.  I just don’t know enough about England to set it there.


It’s going to be a great ride – this is the first episode of a six-novella first season.  I have enough stories planned now for 10 potential seasons of 6 novellas each, but we’ll see where the ride ends.


Okay, more news.  Another reason to do this now is because it means the novella will be live by the time Tales of the Tesla Ranger: The Life and Times of PG Holyfield comes out.  This is the anthology Tee Morris and I are putting together of stories starring our friend PG, who passed away far too young.  Included in this anthology is a short story called “The Guide,” which happens after this novella.  It’s a bridge between Book 1 and Book 2, which will be out in February 2015.


Finally, tomorrow, I’ll have the Pendragon prequel story I did for Every Photo Tells – “What’s Past is Not Always Past” posted here on the blog.  If you’d rather here Katharina and Mick read it, you can do so here.  I’ll post the link again tomorrow, with the hard copy of the story.


And Friday?  Friday is going to be fun.  Not just because it’s Halloween.  Not just because you’ll be able to get your hot little hands on Into Thin Air.  But because…


Well, you’ll have to wait and see, won’t you?

(podcast) Get Published interview!

So, in case you missed it, I chatted with Mitchell Plested of the Get Published! podcast yesterday about serial writing in general, and the Carter’s Cove Advent stories in particular.   Here’s the link, if you want to listen to our conversation (which was pretty awesome!):


Mitchell’s podcast is awesome anyways, so you should be listening on a regular basis!

(advent) Upcoming goodies!

I’m sorry, folks.  I’ve been neglecting the blog this month, because I’m knee-deep in the Advent story for next month, and it’s NaNo, and yeah, that’s not an excuse, but there it is.  However, I have some goodies coming up, and I wanted to let you know!


First, I’ll be on Mitchell Plested’s Get Published  on Sunday, November 24, talking all things serial stories and Carter’s Cove.  So listen!  No spoilers.  I promise.


Secondly, Schrodinger has both a Facebook page and a Twitter feed that you can follow him on. He’s going to have some fun goodies, and he’s sending Christmas cards again this year!  Want to get a Christmas card from Schrodinger?  Leave him a private message on Facebook, or send him a message on Twitter, and he and Molly will send you a Christmas card!


Thirdly, the first day of this year’s Advent story is November 30th!!! Yes, it’s a prologue!  So don’t forget!

(writing) The current Honey-Dew list for 2012

For the rest of the year, here’s what I need/want to write:


– Forgotten (Ghost Tales #1)


– Contemporary Romance (under pen name)

– Tales of the Scorned Lady, Season 1

Short Stories:

– A Princess, A Lizard and a Boatman

– The Lonely Child

Other Projects:

– Advent Story #2

– Podcast Tales, Season #1

– Record Horseman


I’m sure this will change, but this is what I have right now.

(personal/to-do) Domestic Goddess Sunday

Ah, autumn. Where the days get shorter, the nights get colder, the apples are crisp and Val, sadly, starts to get a bit cranky, because while fall is beautiful, she hates winter and knows it’s just around the corner. It gets harder to get up in the morning, and the cats don’t help, because despite their fur coats, apparently they get colder than I do (who knew???) and so they snuggle in with me in the mornings and whisper, “Don’t get up, Mom.”

I’m trying something new this fall – making certain everything I have to do the next day is laid out, so I can lay in bed a bit longer. I’m hoping that I can deal with the change in seasons by getting more active, not less, and although I know it’s going to be hard, I’m determined to make a change.

Took me a while to get moving today – there was a headache brewing, and I needed to sleep a bit more. Sleep has been odd lately – not quite sure if it’s not enough, too much or too light, if you know what I mean. I’m going to make sure to take my vitamins and hope that helps. But I made my to-do list yesterday evening before bed, and I’ve already started.

I REALLY want to get to the gym to at least swim, and I’m blocking it into my schedule for today. I WILL make it two times this week. I made it Wednesday – I can do it today.

To-Do for A Sunday of Domestic Goddessness:
– 4 pm – hit gym
– Meal plan for the week
– Grocery Shopping (after gym)

– Laundry
– Dishes
– Put away CSA
– Clean car out
– Drop off library books
– Vacuum downstairs
– Bake banana bread
– Finalize Rebirth and record

Laundry is started – already got one load folded and put away. About to start on the second. I WILL be at the gym at 4 pm. I WILL.

More updates as I get stuff done.

(podcast) Not Your Father’s Horseman, Episode 6

I know, I know, you thought it was dead! It’s not! It’s just on a wee bit (okay, a large) hiatus, while I get some other things done. Once February is over, I’m taking a weekend and recording as much as I can, so we can start these up with regularity again.

Thank you for your patience! Here’s Episode 6 – Chapter 4 of Not Your Father’s Horseman.
Episode 6 – Chapter 4, Not Your Father’s Horseman

(podcasting) New short story up!

So, I wrote a story for this cool writing blog called EveryPhoto Tells…- basically, they post a photo every month and invite folks to submit short stories based on the photo. I really enjoy listening to the stories, and today, there’s one by me!

Answers in the Wild

And if you want to check out the blog, it’s here: EveryPhoto Tells… There’s some great talent there, and it’s fun! I can’t wait for the December photo – I’m sure it will be awesome! And who knows? Maybe I’ll write a story for that one too!

(podcasting) Episode Three!

Sorry, folks – if you’re following the Libsyn feed, you know this came out Thursday, but I haven’t had a chance to upload it here to the blogs until today. But I am uploading it!

And here it is! Shadow Lord goodness!

Next episode will be out September 19th.

Sorry for the delay

Sorry, folks, work’s been running both me and my producer ragged, and so the newest episode of the podcast is a bit delayed. *sigh* This is why they say to have episodes done ahead of time! I tried, I really did! *sigh*

Anyways, with life speeding up to the speed of plaid, I’m making the decision to move to a 3-week drop schedule. From now on, we’ll be dropping episodes once every 3 weeks. I just need the extra week to make sure I have everything together, and that way, I don’t have to spend Sunday nights stressing. 🙂

Thanks for your understanding, and that episode will hopefully be up in the next day or two!

Episode 2 is Live!

Actually, it went live Sunday night, but I haven’t had a chance to post it here. *blush* Did I mention my producer is the best???

Not only has he posted the epiosde, but he got it onto iTunes! So now, if you search for either my name or Not Your Father’s Horseman, you can subscribe right through iTunes! *squee*

For those looking to listen, here’s the link to the episode on Libsyn:
Episode 2!