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(health) Making better choices

I love this picture. I love the feel of the greenery, of the moving water, of the sheer potential it represents. To me, running water and the outdoors is happiness.   I haven’t been able to do much in the outdoors over the past couple of years, due to a lot of weight gain, injuries …

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(writing/personal) All the things

Life has been complicated lately. Some things have ended, others have started, and I’m not quite sure how I’m handling all of it. I’m not going to discuss that, or what’s really going on yet. I’m going to talk about writing.   I know, shocking. But I’ve not really been writing lately, and I’ve realized …

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(personal/writing) Writing in the wind

I’m currently sitting in a comfy chair in an infusion room at UMass Memorial Hospital in Worcester, with an IV in my arm, waiting for my next Remicade infusion. It’s raining outside, and as I’m on the 6th floor, I have a lovely view of the parking lot, and the rain. (Hey, at least it’s …

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(writing) Slow progress

 I don’t write fast any more. I think it’s because I’m more of the planner, and I don’t like rewrites, so I want things to be perfect (or as perfect as they can be in a first draft). But I’ve discovered that if I head to a coffee shop, or my studio, I seem to …

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(personal) Tea, and the quitting of soda

I love tea. It’s no secret that I love tea, and that I am a wee bit of a tea snob (yes, Molly totally gets it from me, except that I can’t afford to buy my personal blends all the time, so I do occasionally buy tea from the grocery store. But even then, it’s …

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(personal/writing/advent) New Year brings new opportunities

  It’s the beginning of a new year, and one I’m hoping is better than last year. No, one I will MAKE better than next year.   I’m recommitting to several things – my goal to get healthy; my writing; and myself. Yes, I’m going to be enforcing my time to get better. I can’t …

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(personal/goals) The Pursuit of Knowledge

  I’ve been thinking a lot about knowledge lately, in the aftermath of the attacks in Kenya, Paris, Lebanon, and Mali, among others. I’ve been listening to all the calls for war, for peace, for understanding, for hatred, and I’ve been trying to sort out what I know and what I don’t.   I know …

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(writing/personal) Nano on the horizon!

I can’t believe it’s nearly November. This year has flown by. You know what else I can’t believe? I’m going to try and write two novels in November. Yes, I’m probably insane. But, well, what are goals for if not to inspire us, right? I’ve started going to the studio first thing in the morning …

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(weekly update) It’s Sunday again – a day of rest, right? No.


Well, in a way it is. I’m in my favorite sweat pants and my DKP teeshirt, and I have no intention of changing. I’m going to move at a pace that still gets things done, but doesn’t wear me out. I’m getting my next Remicade treatment on Wednesday, and I’m still nurturing a cold (which …

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This might not be of interest to most people, as I’m using it as kind of a catchall of what’s in my head right now. My brain is responding well to 250 words a day (about to hit Day 4 in a few, and I even managed 250 last night on the tablet, because I …

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