(reviews) The 33 by JC Hutchins


JC Hutchins has done it again.  The creative genius behind 7th Son and  Dark Arts has come out with a new project: The 33.  It’s an episodic storyline, sort of like a TV season, but in words.  My favorite kind of serial.


The concept is simple and yet immense: 33 people, with special skills, who are called together to save the world.  The kicker: they’re not really good people.  In fact, from what I can tell, they’re pretty much people who have nothing to lose, which is why they were chosen in the first place.  And the main character for this particular episode is a man called Addison Creel, who we meet in a hotel room.  But that’s later.


First, JC introduces us to the weirdest dinner party I’ve read about in a while.  No spoilers, but yeah, this episode starts with a bang.  Then we’re swept to Japan, to meet Addison Creel.  And then things get really weird.


JC has always been a master of combining the mundane and the weird, with more than a healthy dollop of horror and violence.  He’s definitely one not to pull any punches, and this is NOT a story for kids, obviously.  But as an adult who enjoys side trips into the mirror universe that JC channels, I can only say, I can’t WAIT for the next episode of The 33.


As I said on Twitter, dammit, JC, write faster!!!!!


For the rest of you, get out and check out The 33.   You won’t regret it.

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