(personal/writing) Yeah, I know, I know…

What can I say?  I’ve had a bad winter, and I haven’t been keeping this up.  There have been some personal things going on that I want to keep personal, but that have kept me from updating this, or writing a lot, or really doing anything other than going to work, eating and sleeping for the past month or so.  That’s changed now, I hope.


One of the good changes is that I have an office chair in my home office again!  Yay!  I don’t have to sit on a chair that has wheels falling off, or a hard folding chair that was just a hair too short.  Sadly, this means that I haven’t been on my big computer in like 5 months, so yeah, updates are a bitch.  That’s why I’m taking the time to write a blog post (while listening to the Red Sox) and cleaning out my email, since Dropbox is actually advising me “This will take a while.  Get a Snickers.”  (No, really, that’s what the program said.  Isn’t that hysterical?)


So if you’ve been waiting for something from me, I apologize.  If you’ve been waiting for more fiction from me, I apologize.  And if you’ve just been wondering where the heck I’ve been – well, it’s a cold, dark, lonely place, and I don’t recommend it as a vacation spot.  The sun is shining here now, my azaleas are in bloom and my lilacs are starting to peek out, and I’m feeling better.


Bring on Balticon!

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