(personal) Upheavals and changes

I love summer.  I love getting out in the sun, swimming, picking berries, going to farmer’s markets, reading on the beach, camping, summer events…. summer is my favorite time of year.  It’s what I look forward to all year.


I do NOT want to spend my summer on crutches with this knee of mine.  However, I think that might be my fate.  We find out Monday.  Yes, I hurt it again.  No, I don’t want to talk about it.  (For the record, I was over helping my mother out, and stepped wrong on the stairs.  Not out being wild or anything.)


However, the biggest thing I love about summer is all the fresh food.  Everything tastes better in the summer, when it’s been freshly picked, or bought at the farmer’s market.  And although we’re eating pizza for lunch today, I’m getting ready to make some seriously fresh foods for the week.  Tonight we start with a ham steak and steamed broccoli with bacon and garlic.  And probably mashed potatoes, although we’ll see.  Nom.


I’m also going to make another batch of Chex Mix (maybe I’ll make that tomorrow over at Mom’s, since I’ll be at Mom’s for the day), and some marinaded chicken.  I need to get salad stuff too – I’m on a serious Caesar salad kick for some reason.  I think it’s time to pull out my cookbooks and see what kind of seasonal recipes I can find.  Also, I need to bake something.  I’m craving baked goods, and the good GF ones are expensive.  Maybe I’ll do biscuits?


I need to sew too.  Palio is next weekend (eek!) and I promised a friend I’d have her sari hemmed.  I need to go and get the thread for that, and then do it.  And finish my skirt.  And pants.  And go to work.  And write.


Good lord, what a life.  I love it.


Oh, and now we can officially announce it – my hubby started his new job this week!  So yay!

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