(writing) On grooves and getting into them.


It’s Sunday, which has become a writing/editing day for me. There is a wonderful bookstore/cafe in my hometown called Gibson’s Bookstore, that has become one of my favorite places around. I even saw John Scalzi speak here! (It was cool. I was sick, so I stayed away from him, but it was VERY cool. Yes, I’m a bit of a fan girl.)


Anyways, they have a great cafe and they LIKE WRITERS! So every Sunday, a group of us have been meeting to drink amazing tea and coffee, and write. Or edit. Or graphic design. Or sewing. We’re an eclectic group, and we love our coffee/tea.


Today, it wasn’t even really a thought. It was Sunday. It was time to go to Gibson’s. And now, as I’m sitting here, I’m realizing that this has become a tradition, and how much this has helped me get back into the writing mindset. Writers are very much creatures of habit (I suspect most humans are, but I can only speak for writers), and the more that writing becomes a habit, the more I do it. See this blog, for example. This is my third blog post this week. After what, a month? And I’m seeing this in other ways too.


I’m still working on Winter Secrets, but Sapph has been stirring in my brain, offering up snippets that I’m going to be using in the first draft of her next book. She’s got a new playlist too – we’re both hooked on Billy Joel, who I think will be the soundtrack to her book. Because, well, Billy Joel is awesome. (And if you disagree, I don’t care. I saw him twice in concert, and he’s amazing.) I don’t sing well, and I don’t play an instrument, but I do find that I write better when I have a playlist. As if the music teases out the words. So I have been listening to Billy Joel on almost constant playback, and it’s helping me get in that writing mindframe as well.


And I’m reading. My last book was Red Hot Steele, by Alex Berg (thank you, Dad, for suggesting it! It was awesome) and there might be a review in my future. Maybe. I’m trying to get back into my reading again, because reading and writing are so intertwined.


So yes, writing is happening. So is editing. I might even be getting ready for the leap to Patreon. And I’ll be at Gibson’s every Sunday (except when I’m traveling), if you want to join me.

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  1. connie cockrell

    How awesome! Good luck to you.

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