Cyber Monday – and we have TWO anthologies available!

Yes, TWO!  How exciting!  And they can be yours, for very little money!

The first is the FM anthology – A Princess, A Boatman and A Lizard, which has my original story “Convoy” in it, along with some other fantastic stories.  All proceeds go to help keep Forward Motion running, and since I don’t think I would still be writing if not for them, I’m happy to help support them.










You can order this at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Smashwords for $4.99.

Also, as I posted to Twitter/FB Friday, Tee and Pip have released Tales of the Ministry: Collection 3, which includes my story “The Sun Never Sets.”  This is set in their Steampunk universe from The Ministry of Peculiar Occurances, and was a lot of fun to write.










You can order this one from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Smashwords for $2.99.

 Also, in case you wanted more goodness from me, let me remind you that I have a stand-alone novella, “Snow,” set in the Horseman Universe, also available for $0.99.  This was a fun romp through a “what-if” – what if Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and Jack Frost not only existed, but were Elemental Lords?  And what if Nikki had to deal with them – without killing anyone?  Warning: this one is adults-only.

You can order Snow from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Smashwords.

There will be more coming – I will be releasing a couple of short stories in the next couple of months, including Schrodinger and Molly’s first adventure together, and another Christmas story that I wrote and released on the blog a couple years ago.  I’m also working on a novella for publication in the spring.

And coming this Saturday, the second Schrodinger and Molly adventure!



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