(writing) We’ve crossed the 40k mark

That’s right.  In 2013 so far, I have written over 40,000 words.


That’s amazing.  That’s almost a NaNo novel.  It might be more than I wrote in total last year.  And it’s only halfway through May.  I’m seriously impressed.


And the big thing is that I’m doing it steadily, a little at a time.  I think I wrote about the Magic Spreadsheet before, but that’s what I’ve been using to keep my chain going.  I’m level 2 at the moment, which means I need to write a minimum of 300 words a day.  I’m averaging about 350 words a day (which will be good when I level up!), and it’s a good daily habit.  I can’t recommend it enough.  Of course, once I start editing, that will be a whole different thing.


Oh, and more news!  I have a plot idea for the next Advent Story (thank you, Dad!).  So there WILL be an Advent Story this year, and yes, Schrodinger will be back.  Maybe this year, I’ll even get things together enough to offer the first two Advent Stories as books.  Anything is possible!

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