(personal) Tea, and the quitting of soda


I love tea. It’s no secret that I love tea, and that I am a wee bit of a tea snob (yes, Molly totally gets it from me, except that I can’t afford to buy my personal blends all the time, so I do occasionally buy tea from the grocery store. But even then, it’s still the speciality teas. I just don’t like plain black tea anymore.) – but I used to have another habit as well. I used to live on soda.


It started in college, when I was on my own (yay!) and could make my own decisions about what to put in my body. It turns out I was woefully unprepared for such authority, which led to me living on caffeine, sugar, and about 4 hours of sleep a night. It was not a pretty sight.


In December this past year, I decided I was quitting soda again. Cold turkey. I’ve tried and failed to do this before – I’ve always cheated and then given up because “well, I’m just addicted and that’s it.” But this time, for whatever reason, it stuck.


I haven’t had a soda (barring mixed drinks) since December 3, really. I do not count ginger ale as soda, because I only drink it when I’m really not feeling well. But for those who used to know how to find me by following the trail of Pepsi cans, this is a huge thing. I’ve replaced the soda with iced tea and hot tea, and even occasionally with water. I still like bubbles, but I can get those with seltzer.


It hasn’t been easy. I still crave them, but I remind myself that tea is better (I drink mine unsweetened, so the savings in calories alone has been huge), and that soda bothers my stomach. That soda has a ton of processed garbage in it. That I have better things to drink.


That said, you will pry my rum and Coke with lime out of my cold, dead fingers. So if you see me with a soda, rest assured, there’s probably booze in it.

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  1. connie cockrell

    Congratulations. I was never a big soda drinker but when I was diagnosed with celiac, all soda, and so many other so called foods, had to be dropped immediately.

    To be honest, I only missed it a little bit. I too drink mostly water and tea. I know my stomach and digestive system are much happier for the move.

  2. J.A. Marlow

    I miss soda as a treat, but that’s a big no-no for me now (getting older and the firmaments that come with it stink). Now it’s hot tea, water, and water with water-enhancer flavorings. Still miss bubbles, but wow, bubbles do not like me.

    Good luck on making this stick. As you said, cutting them out is so much better on the body.

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