(metrics) Take 2, start of novella

Starting Count: 0
Ending Count: 637
New Words: 637

Opening Line:
How did I get myself into these situations?

Ending Line:
We ended up in the middle of the road, sideways, like a cop car doing a roadblock.

Andrew, with his lopsided smile and short dark curls, longer than his father the head of the law firm approved of, just long enough to tangle my fingers in. Andrew, whose long fingers teased the softest notes from his violin, but who couldn’t sing to save his life. Andrew, who refused to let me keep him at arm’s length, dammit.

Unnamed novella. Ghosthunters. Sort of.

3 Responses to “(metrics) Take 2, start of novella”

  1. Janice Smith

    Awesome snippets.

  2. Alba

    Love the change of tone in the last sentence of the “darling”. =D

  3. Val

    Thanks, Janice and Alba! I’m really happy with the way the new novella is working out.

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