(metrics) First counts of NaNoWriMo

1808 words today, all done after midnight. Good start to NaNo!

(personal/updates) The Weekly Round-up for Sunday and NaNoWriMo thoughts

I’ve decided that a weekly round-up is a good idea, not only because it gives me a spot to post goals and toss thoughts around, but because I can be accountable to my readers. With NaNoWriMo just around the corner, being accountable is a good thing.

No real to-do list for today, simply because I’m finally back on line after having lost power yesterday. Luckily, we were at a friend’s party and they have a wood stove. We were also lucky: not only do we have a gas stove (yay, gas!) and gas hot water, but our power outage was due to branches on the lines that were just cleared off. Not sure when it went out, but it was restored at 5 pm. Not bad. One of the good things about living in the city.

So, NaNoWriMo. It starts tomorrow, at midnight. I will be up, doing my first words as the clock ticks over. I love NaNo. I have done it since 2005 = have not won yet, but I’m hoping to this year! I love the energy of NaNo, the enthusiasm, the comraderie. Am I convinced that what I write is the best I’ll ever write? Hell no. It’s rough draft. It’s BAD rough draft. But you know what? I’ll enjoy the hell out of writing it. And that’s one of the points of NaNo.

So, goals this week:
– NaNo counts! I am determined to keep up at least for the first week!
– Cleaning my office. This is going to be a work in progress – it’s a terrible dumping ground for everything and well, it’s gross. But I’m going to get it clean this year!
– Finish my scarf at work. Yep, knitting again.
– Gym! Monday, Wednesday, Thursday (to swim) and Friday. This WILL happen.
– Morning Pages! This will also be a habit I’m picking up again.

Now, to do said Morning Pages for today, and then I’m going to alternate editing with cleaning. 15 minute sprints of each.

(metrics) Take 2, start of novella

Starting Count: 0
Ending Count: 637
New Words: 637

Opening Line:
How did I get myself into these situations?

Ending Line:
We ended up in the middle of the road, sideways, like a cop car doing a roadblock.

Andrew, with his lopsided smile and short dark curls, longer than his father the head of the law firm approved of, just long enough to tangle my fingers in. Andrew, whose long fingers teased the softest notes from his violin, but who couldn’t sing to save his life. Andrew, who refused to let me keep him at arm’s length, dammit.

Unnamed novella. Ghosthunters. Sort of.

(to-do/health/personal/writing) The Plague, Day Six (I think)

Sadly, I’ve lost count. Ah well. Suffice to say I’m still a snot machine, but I’m mobile, I’ve done a bunch of running around already, and I’m determined to conquer both my house and my writing this weekend. I’m skipping the Strangeways Halloween party tonight (sorry folks, but you don’t want this plague, trust me) and I’m going to take it easy. So this is a to-do list for the weekend.

To-Do on a crisp Saturday and Sunday:
– Put bagels into freezer
– Roast winter squash
– Roast sugar pumpkin (was going to carve, but yanno, I’d rather eat it. :D)
– Roast pumpkin seeds

– Laundry
– Dishes
– Walk to corner store and get orange juice
– Make orange cranberry muffins

– Finish the outline for the new novella
– Work on the outline/worldbuilding for NaNo
– Email
– Update
– Menu/meal plan for the week
– Make dinner for Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday (OT all week)

– Take a nap
– Play WoW
– Rerecord Rebirth
– Go Swimming (Sunday)
– Make Argus’ hat for next weekend
– Find a good pattern for remembering how to knit (yep, going to try and pick up knitting again)
– Go to Goodwill and find a dress for next weekend
– Pack box to send out Monday

Looks like a lot, but I can do it over the course of the weekend. Right now, it’s time to nap, I think. Priorities, you know.

(to-do/personal/writing) Recovery, Day 2

Yep, came home with con crud despite my best intentions. It’s a good one too – knocked me for a loop this week, and I’m just feeling human today. Sort of. I’m going to take it easy and not do everything I was planning on, just so I don’t end up sick again. This means that I may not make it to Beth and Allie’s this weekend, although I really want to. *pout*

Today is a cleaning day. I need to find my work badge, and the only way to do that is clean the areas I think it’s in, so I can find it. I also want to write, and I need to re-record something if I can manage to go more than 5 minutes without hacking up a lung. And I have to run out to the grocery store – although I think I’m going to the little one down the road rather than the big one. We only need a few things, so I can get by with that.

So here’s the to-do list for today, sick edition:
– Put away dishes
– Wash dishes in sink
– Put away laundry in living room
– Clean off dining room table
– Put bagels in freezer
– Go to grocery store for tuna fish, cat food, soda and oj
– Pay bills
– Balance checkbook
– Write 250 words in the new outline for Novella #1
– Record Rebirth again
– Clean up living room
– Clean up kitchen
– Clean up bedroom
– Write up con redux
– Post to writersweighin

In no particular order, of course. Time to get moving.

(metrics) Ghostly words on a brilliant day

Starting Count: 320
Ending Count: 862
Net Gain: + 542
Current Word MTD count: 542

Starting line:
“You ask me this after you give me a blanket?” I grumbled, but I knew he was right. If our eyes weren’t playing tricks on us, then something was out there, and I needed to find out what.

Ending line:
Which argues that maybe this isn’t a place memory, David said. You aren’t an empath, and yet you can feel it. Place memories simply don’t have the power to keep up this level of emotion.

Ice flooded my veins as I changed, my mortal flesh melting away, leaving only the spirit behind. The air acquired a bite, colder than winter, with a dusty, faintly stale smell that filled my nostrils with the scent of death. I steeled myself and opened my eyes.

(personal/writing/to-do) Day Two of the To-Do list experiment

So yesterday, I got three of the four things on my list done. AND I got 156 words written on the unnamed novella, and did my Morning Pages. Today, even though I slept until 11 am (sigh), I did my Morning Pages, and I’m feeling pretty good. Heading out in a bit to go to the gym (and work off the 3 pieces of triple meat pizza I had for breakfast) and grocery shopping.

This post is going to include my goals for the week as well on Sundays. I want to get back into goals – they give me something to strive for. I have three goals this week – I think they are modest goals, and doable. I’m prepping for CapClave as well, so they’re definitely modest goals. I’ll check in next Monday (we’re driving home Sunday and Monday) to let you guys know how I did.

Goals for the week:
1. 100 words a day, written
2. Go to the gym every morning
3. Pack a lunch every day

The To-Do list today is fairly small as well:
1. Go to the gym and swim
2. Grocery shopping!
3. Clean out the car.
4. Hit the studio for some Beard time.

I’m bringing the computer with me, so I think I’m packing up now and heading out. I really, really want to swim. So, I’ll see you folks later!

(writing/personal/to-do) Let me give you stars….

Yes, I’m listening to show tunes today. I’d forgotten how much I love to show tunes.

I’ve been running so much this week that I ended up coming home early from work (a combination of exhaustion and eating something that didn’t agree with my system at the pot luck at work) and I was asleep by 10:30. Slept in until 8:30 am, then took a bath. It’s been a lovely morning so far.

As I’ve been running this week, I’ve been thinking, too. There’s been a lot of driving, and time for me to think. I took a break from writing, because I simply didn’t have the brain cells to put words together. But I could plot, and I could dream.

I could also see what I’ve been doing: putting together massive to-do lists each day, and when I can’t finish even half of them, I lie in bed and beat myself up. Or look at the list and say, “I’ll never be able to finish this,” with the same result. Not conducive to good sleep, never mind good mental health. So I’m going to do something different today.

A short to-do list. The important things that NEED to get done today. I’m not allowed to go over 4 things. And since one of them is a movie with the hubby, it will be easy.

My to-do list for today:
– See Real Steel with Argus
– Finish contract for Spells
– Wash
and put away the dishes in the sink
– Put away laundry

That’s what absolutely needs to be done today. I want to write as well, but those are the four things that I need to get done. That list doesn’t look too bad. I can accomplish that.

But first, tea.

(personal/writing/to-do) Waking up, mentally and physically

I WILL get back into blogging regularly. Although I suppose every Sunday is regular, right? Anyways, I will be posting more, once I get myself back onto an even keel. Things have been progressing, and progressing WELL, for once.

I turned in Last Rites last week. Other than Spells and Swashbucklers, which I’m still working on the rewrite of the contract for, I have NOTHING contracted. NOTHING.

You have no idea how freeing that is.

Seriously. I don’t have an agent, so I don’t have to consult anyone on what to write next. The sky is the absolute limit. I can write whatever the hell I want. Which might be why, in that twilight state between awake and dreaming, my subconscious presented me with a kernel of an idea for the plot for FaeryTale Princess, which is a fantasy romance (kind of) that I have been playing around with writing for a while. It’s the story of a professional woman (she’s a paralegal, I think, or a researcher) who gets snatched by a fantasy Prince Charming from the ladies’ room at her work and taken to his kingdom, where she has to save the entire kingdom. I just didn’t have a plot. Now, I have an idea. And no, not sharing it yet. It’s pretty rough.

That being said, once I write it down, I’m putting it aside. Today is a cooking/cleaning/contract writing day, adding in a jaunt to Mom and Dad’s to get the CSA for the week. Man, that’s going to suck when it goes away. Gotta start putting money aside for next year’s half-share.

Things to do today:
– Put away dishes
– Wash 2nd load of dishes
– Cut coupons
– Make dinner list for the week
– Check out the sales and make shopping list

– Fold and put away laundry
– Clean out the container shelves and toss anything that has no lid or bottom
– Create new contract and send to Gwen
– Vacuum

I’m cooking today too, and making something yummy for tomorrow’s dessert potluck at work, but I’m not sure what yet. I’m contemplating pumpkin something – maybe biscuits? Dunno yet.

And quite possibly there will be writing. Quite possibly.

(personal/to-do) Domestic Goddess Sunday

Ah, autumn. Where the days get shorter, the nights get colder, the apples are crisp and Val, sadly, starts to get a bit cranky, because while fall is beautiful, she hates winter and knows it’s just around the corner. It gets harder to get up in the morning, and the cats don’t help, because despite their fur coats, apparently they get colder than I do (who knew???) and so they snuggle in with me in the mornings and whisper, “Don’t get up, Mom.”

I’m trying something new this fall – making certain everything I have to do the next day is laid out, so I can lay in bed a bit longer. I’m hoping that I can deal with the change in seasons by getting more active, not less, and although I know it’s going to be hard, I’m determined to make a change.

Took me a while to get moving today – there was a headache brewing, and I needed to sleep a bit more. Sleep has been odd lately – not quite sure if it’s not enough, too much or too light, if you know what I mean. I’m going to make sure to take my vitamins and hope that helps. But I made my to-do list yesterday evening before bed, and I’ve already started.

I REALLY want to get to the gym to at least swim, and I’m blocking it into my schedule for today. I WILL make it two times this week. I made it Wednesday – I can do it today.

To-Do for A Sunday of Domestic Goddessness:
– 4 pm – hit gym
– Meal plan for the week
– Grocery Shopping (after gym)

– Laundry
– Dishes
– Put away CSA
– Clean car out
– Drop off library books
– Vacuum downstairs
– Bake banana bread
– Finalize Rebirth and record

Laundry is started – already got one load folded and put away. About to start on the second. I WILL be at the gym at 4 pm. I WILL.

More updates as I get stuff done.