(personal/to-do) Captain America, sewing and cooking – a fun Sunday

So, after breakfast with Maria, Xavier, KJ, Margaret and Laura, Argus and I went to see “Captain America” with KJ and Laura. OMG, fun! I loved it. I’m a huge comic book fan, and they really did Cap right, in my opinion. And yes, I cried. Even though I already knew the story. I cry at movies.

Now, I’m going into full prep mode. I’m currently watching the end of the Red Sox game (12-7 going into the 9th…), working on my new dancing shirt for Pennsic and plotting out food for the week. I’m working OT tomorrow and possibly Wednesday, so today is the day to get stuff cooked. There’s already pickles in the fridge!!! I love pickles.

The list that I need to get done today:
– make french toast casserole
– make zucchini bread

– finish shirt
– make sure everyone who needs to be on the Port Strangeways page is
– Post the list of who is going to Harper’s to the page
– make beef stew
– load of colors for Argus
– wash the new fabric
– 2 hours of editing on Spells tonight
– Morning Pages
– 250 words on Advent summary

I think that’s it.

(metrics) A night off recharges the soul

Took last night off to go to a free concert, during which I was introduced to a very good band – The Alternate Routes. Highly recommend them. And then we went to Strange Brew with them afterwards! It was very fun. There are pictures.

Tonight, I got another 433 words done on the plot summary, and added more to my To Be Figured Out list. This fantasy stuff is HARD, you know. HARD.

Oh, and you should all be glad I don’t post political opinions here. I don’t think my current opinion of that jackass Rep. Boehner is really something I should be posting here.

My heart and prayers go out to Norway. What a terrible tragedy.

(metrics) How long DOES arsenic last in the body?

Otherwise known as yes, Val’s being mean to her characters again. Bad enough the poor bastard was killed, he was being poisoned too??? And this is the cozy mystery. 😀

850 words tonight, as well as Morning Pages. 3 days in a row. I’m in shock.

As a reward, I’m going to go play WoW until Argus wakes up. Night all.

(metrics) Screw you, migraine

And the horse you rode in on. You won’t stop me from writing!

More words on the summary. The widow has been informed of the murder. Much shock and tears.

Starting Count: 1741
Ending Count: 2189
Net Gain: + 448

(metrics) Late night again, but the words are building

Starting Count: 1393
Ending Count: 1741
Net Gain: + 348

Did my morning pages as well, and wrote for about 15 minutes on the summary. My goal is to do morning pages and at least 250 words a day, every day.

More later. Sleep now.

(metrics) A long, long night…

Apparently I need to practice turning the internets off when I write. Got 956 words today on the plot summary for Advent Murders, and we’re almost up to the murder. I’m adding in a LOT to this summary, but that’s okay, it’s stuff I need to know. After I finish the summary, I’ll be doing the major scene outline, which will give me more of the shape of the actual book.

Writing a mystery is interesting. It’s very much a learning experience, but now that I’m getting into the writing, it’s getting interesting. I’m enjoying this world.

Making sure I have everything downloaded I need for Spells, so I can start putting that together this week. And I’m sewing for Pennsic at work. Yeesh! I need some extra time!

(update) The state of the Val, writing, and other stuff

So, I haven’t really been posting much. Part of it is because I managed to lock myself out of my WordPress account for a week or so, and I couldn’t grab enough time to reset it. (That has been sorted out, and I even managed to update to the latest edition without issue! I’m convinced WordPress is softening me up for something, but hey, I’ll take it.) Another part of it, though, is health issues.

I don’t know if writers are just more sickly than most folks, or if we’re just more open about it. What I know is that since March, I’ve been dealing with hideous migraines that have managed to knock me flat, and since then, my writing has pretty much been hung out to dry. I’ve finished a few things that were in progress, but nothing really huge. All my energy has been funneled into getting through life and trying to figure out what the heck is going wrong with my body.

I’m finally, finally thinking that we might have a handle on what it is. I’m still working through some things with my doctors, specifically my PC, my allergist and my nutritionist, but it looks like what I might be allergic to is food additives. Lovely, huh? Our bodies are genetically very similar to what our ancient ancestors’ were, and mine apparently wants to return back to that simpler time. So, while we wait to see if my insurance company will cover the test that we think will uncover a lot of these intolerances (not allergies, per se, but foods/substances that my body just can’t handle exposure to), I have gone back to a whole food diet. As in, if I can’t pronounce the ingredients in the list (for a lot of them, if there IS a list), I don’t eat it. No more fast food (I’ve been clean on that since Friday last week, and I can already fit easily into a smaller pair of jeans), and no more artificially-sweetened/flavored drinks (the same). It’s been a bit of a change, but I’m hopeful that this is going to finally get me into a healthier weight and just a healthier LIFE. And my hubby is enjoying all the real food. I’m also looking forward to an end to the cravings that come sweeping through sometimes – apparently once you stop eating the foods that your body is intolerant to, the cravings end.

All I can say is, it’s about damn time. I’m tired. I’m tired of being tired. Of being sick, and yet having NOTHING WRONG. Of having my head pounding and my mouth full of cotton wool, and yet having nothing show up on any tests. I mean, they put straight histamine on my arm as part of my allergy testing, and I didn’t even react. But I know something’s wrong.

During the summer, this is easy. There’s so much fresh, local produce that I can glory in it, and I don’t miss it. Now that I know there are issues with preservatives, my canning just became a much larger priority, because anything I can, I know I can eat. So I’ll be getting that cranked up, so I have options this winter. I’m also freezing a bunch of stuff. (Making pesto this weekend, with the tons of garlic scapes I have. NUMMY!) I’ve borrowed a dehydrator from my dad too, and I’ll be drying fruit and things like that as well. The peaches are coming. Winter, well, I have a local co-op and I’ll hopefully have a freezer full of stuff. I need to get filling it.

It also means that I’m expanding my cooking horizons again. It’s shocking to realize how many sauces/spice blends/side dishes that I took for granted have preservatives in them. Even the organic ones. They’re all verboten right now for me.

On the upside, now that my head is starting to clear, I’m also starting to write again. And edit. I went through a brief funk in which I was reading Elizabeth Bear and despairing of ever, ever being a real writer who could write like that. However, I now realize that I won’t ever write like her. I’m not her. I can admire her stuff, but write it? No. That’s not my style.

So, writing. I took the first splat draft of the beginning to Advent Murders to my writing group and they cheerfully ripped it apart, which it desperately needed. They pointed out the logical flaws and issues, and I’ve got some good directions to go in. In addition to cleaning my house this weekend, I’ll also be cleaning up everything on Spells and Swashbucklers, and sending that out to the folks who need to finish some things for it before it goes to bed in August. And I’m still noodling on a novella for my Dreams universe.

So that’s what’s been happening in this corner of the world. I’ve also been gearing up for Pennsic, where I’ll be in August. If you’re going to be at the greatest war on earth, drop me a comment and let me know – I’m thinking we need a writer’s meet-up.

(metrics) First day of the new schedule

Well, new writing schedule. I am remembering I am a night owl.

I am also remembering that I write to my own schedule, and not anyone else’s.

Starting Count: 3517
Ending Count: 3775
Net Gain: + 258
Current Word MTD count: 2493

Starting line:
Luke mumbled something that Drew couldn’t understand, and turned back to his own computer before the tech could ask. Drew could imagine, though. Probably the same thought running through his own head.

Ending line:
Drew shook his head. “Dunno.” Then he cocked his head as the first sounds of the newcomer reached his ears. “But this might get interesting.”

All it took was one locus point to be off by a few degrees for a Road to vanish. Or deposit a traveler thousands of miles from their preferred destination. If they made it at all.

(metrics) More words for Advent

Starting Count: 1715
Ending Count: 3517
Net Gain: + 1802
Current Word MTD count: 2235

Starting line:
“Oh?” Molly spared a glance down, smiling at his enthusiasm. “And what do you want for Christmas?” It had to be something good, giving the way his tail twitched excitedly. His tail always gave him away.

Ending line:
“Then we’ll see,” Drew said. “He looks like the only thing he wants to be in right now is a bed.”

“When I was younger, much younger, I spent a summer getting notes from SA.” Marge tapped the paper. “My secret admirer was very charming, and very persistent. It was summer, so his notes came wrapped around flower stems.” She smiled, remembering. “It took me forever to figure out who it was.”

“And what did you do when you did?” Molly asked.

“I married him,” Marge said. “And I have never regretted it. Well, almost never.” She winked at Molly. “There are times when I wonder, but never for long.”

I know, I’ve been quiet lately. I’ve been really busy. But I’m getting back into writing, slowly, and I’m recommitting to it. I have to. Otherwise, I’ll go mad.

(metrics) Starting June on the right foot

Starting Count: 295
Ending Count: 728
Net Gain: + 433
Current Word MTD count: 433

Starting line:
When the CrossCat had first decided to come live with her, Molly had been slightly worried about what kind of foods she’d end up preparing. After all, she hadn’t quite seen him eating kibble, no matter how much like a housecat he sometimes appeared. To her relief, CrossCats seemed very much like humans: Schrodinger was perfectly willing to eat almost anything she put in front of him, including eggs, peanut butter sandwiches and cupcakes. And he had developed a taste for iced Earl Grey tea that worried her on occasion. In fact, he preferred it to water. The vet said it wouldn’t hurt him, as far as she could tell.

Ending line:
Someone was building a snowman, apparently; considering there weren’t any children currently living in the building, Molly wondered who it was.

The coffeemaker in the kitchen was burbling when she walked in, brewing the hot tea that she’d set up the night before. Coffee was, in Molly’s opinion, a substance best used only in cooking to bring out chocolate flavors. It was not a substance fit to drink. Ever.

Yep, up late to write. I will write every day this month. I will.