(personal/writing/health) Today is the day.

Today is the day I go back to work full-time.  So naturally, today is the day I wake up with a screaming headache.  Of course.  I have taken tylenol and I have both water and tea next to me.  I’m hoping that takes care of it.  I’m also dealing with a stuffed nose, so this might be a sinus issue, but I hope not.  I’m tired of being sick.


Argus and I camped this weekend at the Palio di Stonemarche, which is an SCA event near us.  It was a great weekend – I had a lot of fun, and we beat the rain home yesterday and didn’t get our tent wet!  (We camp in a 12′ x 16′ canvas pavilion.  It’s big enough to hold a bed.  Yes, we camp in style.) This was also the dry run for our new camping oven and it worked amazingly!  I can’t wait to try it at GNEW!


Writing continues as well.  I did a bit more on Sapph this weekend (had my little computer with me for one day) and I started the first ramblings on Raindrops, which is going to be my next novel project.  It’s a fantasy project, set in city-states that are based on Renaissance Florence and Venice, and it’s shaping up to be really interesting.  Once I can get my computer unpacked from the car, I’ll be able to finish up Sapph (that’s the goal this week) and then really start working on Raindrops.


I did write every day at Palio, and now I’m starting my normal schedule – writing in the morning (with cup of tea in hand) and then going to work.  This morning, I have a couple of things to do, including sending the court report to my Baron and Baronessa, and printing out some things.  Also, need to find something to do with leftover ham for dinner.

It never ends….

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