(personal/writing) Not really dead yet

Just quiet.  I’ve been dealing with life, and now I’m sick.  *sigh*  Did I mention that my immune system sucks?  Seriously.  Someone coughs down the street and I get sick.  So when I don’t take care of myself because of other things, I get run down really quickly.

And then I get sick.

So life has been…yeah, it’s not been fun.  I’m in a dark funk, to be perfectly honest, and although I know some of why, I don’t know all of it.  So I’m not talking about it, because why bother people with something I can’t figure out myself?  Which means not blogging.  Which means no traffic here.

I’m hoping to get moving soon.  I have a story that I’m finishing up, and then I’m going to be working on a couple of projects – the next Advent story, and a novel I outlined several years ago that I never wrote.  It’s time to write again.


2 Responses to “(personal/writing) Not really dead yet”

  1. J.A. Marlow

    Lots of hugs! I was great to see you in FM chat again. 🙂

  2. Connie Cockrell

    Hope you feel better soon. Of course we’re all looking forward to your next Advent story.

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