(personal/writing) Decisions, Decisions


Yes, it’s a new year, and I’ve yet to post my goals for 2013.  What can I say?  I’m sure I’ll be late to my own funeral. 

But I’m definitely ready to start over.  I’m trying something new this year – doing month to month goals as opposed to definite yearly goals.  The only hard deadline I have is to get Last Rites done this month.  After that, I really have to decide what I want to go after this year.

I’m in an odd position.  Unlike a lot of my peers, I don’t want to write full-time.  I need my day job, for several reasons.  The biggest one is healthcare.  Because I live in the US, I don’t have national healthcare.  And, as I’ve mentioned before, I have a very expensive chronic illness that requires daily medication.  I need my healthcare.  And until and unless I’m pulling in a Stephen King-level income from my writing, I’m not quitting my day job. 

(Let’s be honest – I probably wouldn’t quit it even then.  Drop down to the minimum hours to keep my benefits, yes, but not quit.)

So, after January, I have to do some serious thinking as to what I want to accomplish.  But let’s get through January first.

Writing goals for January:

1. Finish edits on Last Rites and send them off.

2. Finish writing the last 4 episodes of Tales of the Scorned Lady, Season 1 and record them.

Running goals for January:

1. Running 3 times a week.

That’s it.  No more goals.  I’ll check back in with you at the end of the month to see how I’ve done.

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