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This might not be of interest to most people, as I’m using it as kind of a catchall of what’s in my head right now. My brain is responding well to 250 words a day (about to hit Day 4 in a few, and I even managed 250 last night on the tablet, because I didn’t have the energy to make it in to the studio), and that has had one very common side effect – it wants to write ALL THE WORDS, ON EVERYTHING. Which is not conducive to finishing anything. And if I don’t finish things, you guys don’t get to see it. And to be perfectly honest (and probably crass), if you guys don’t get to see it, I don’t get to sell it and make money.


So, brain, you and I have to have a rather firm talk. I totally want to write all the things too, but we need a schedule, and we need to follow it.  You game? Good.


Here are the projects we’ve talked about that need to be written:

-Summer Advent. This is non-negotiable, as we have already promised the fans this as of July 20th. So this is the first priority. And yes, this means we get to subject poor Robert and Lee to Christmas carols in June while we write it.

-Advent 2015. We need to start the outline for this, so we can write it BEFORE December. Because wouldn’t it be nice to have it all ready to go? Of course it would. And we have to do some research on this anyways, because for the first time, it’s NOT going to be in Carter’s Cove. (Yes, it will still be Molly, Drew and Schrodinger. Don’t worry. And Pavel. LOTS of Pavel.)

-Deep Waters. I need to get the next Sapph novel done, and I think the title still works. Because between Patrick, Mac and her own stubbornness, Sapph is totally in deep water. And I think the idea of what is haunting the town is perfect. If I can pull it off.

-Portrait of Abby. I really like this one, and we’ve got the first 3 chapters done. This is non-negotiable as well. It’s a nice palate cleanser from Sapph.

-Treaty of Betrayal. This one is all plotted! Now I just have to write it. Hmm, maybe this one should be pitched too.

-Faery-Tale Princess. Again, I need to write it. It’s going to be fun. Mundane executive, thrust into a fantasy kingdom to save them all. Somehow. With magic she doesn’t believe in.


Stuff to be polished and edited:

-Winter’s Secret goes to the editor in August. I’m very excited about this! Goal is publication in December, for Christmas.


Stuff that is still in the idea/outline phase, to be slated in later:

-Elen. This is an intriguing idea, but I don’t know quite what the story is yet. I have the world, but it has flaws, and I’m not sure who the antagonist is. This needs to marinate (this is the world amnesia story).

-Phases of the Moon. I need to come up with a pitch packet for this one, so I can see if anyone’s interested in it.  Also, a pitch packet will force me to write out the outline and the story idea. This one involves the Goddess of the Moon split into four different souls, and Sun Spiders. Very cool imagery.

-The Heart of the Universe. Another pitch idea. Space opera, involving space galleons (think SpellJammer), intergalactic civil war, and pirates, all looking for the Heart of the Universe. Because whoever gets it, rules everything. Except I think there’s more going on, and I have to figure out what.

-Raindrops. This is a one-shot (really!) but I feel like I need to write it. Twin sisters, one a mage, the other a diplomat, and they’re on the run, trying to figure out how to kill the evil usurper and free the rightful king from the dungeon. High fantasy.

-Plague Mirrors. This is a dystopia that I kind of want to noodle with some more. What if it wasn’t man who killed man – but Plague herself? And how would you defeat her, if she could travel through mirrors to find you? What kills Plague? This is a fantasy dystopia idea, but I need to flesh it out (no pun intended).

-Rose. I might combine this one with Plague Mirrors, or not. I love the idea of True Souls, and I need to figure out how to incorporate them.

-Midsummerland. I have it mostly plotted, but it’s not working, so I need to figure out why. This is the fae/human book, with all sorts of weirdness.


This post might get added to, as I think of things. Good thing I have a lot of ideas. I’d hate to run out.


(writing) Realizations

It’s been a week of those for me.  Realizations that my almost 40-year-old body cannot exist on 3 hours of sleep and amazing amounts of caffeine and sugar.  Realizations that it’s okay to say “No, I can’t do that tonight, because I’m exhausted.”


Realizations that I don’t write like everyone else, and that’s okay.


It took me a long time to realize that last one, and I’m still working on it.  I am kind of addicted to writing books (okay, let’s be honest – I’m addicted to books, period) and one of the things that a lot of books say is that if you want to be a professional author, you should be working on multiple projects, because that’s where the money is.  You should have something in edits, something in first draft and something in preplanning, at the very least, at all times.


You know what?  My brain, she don’t work that way.


I realized this, yet again, as I was trying to figure out why I was having so many issues getting into the world of Baker.  You know why?  Because I’m still firmly in Sapph’s world and that world, which is full of ghosts, is VERY different from Abby’s world of sympathetic magic.  I just can’t be in both worlds at once.


So I’m not going to try to.  And I’m not going to try and write what other people think I should write.  Yes, I like paranormal romances.  But I’m not sure that’s what I want to write (which might be why Midsummerland isn’t going anywhere).  I like ghosts.  I like dark magic.  I like Schrodinger.


Which means there’s a new plan.  (Bear with me.  There might be a new plan every week.)  I’m going to finish Sapph’s rewrite, and then start working on Schrodinger’s next adventure.  After that?  I’m not sure.  I kind of want to write Faerytale Princess.  But I also kind of want to write something TOTALLY different – like, say, epic space opera.  With Spelljammer-type pirate ships.  Flying on the Cosmic Web.  (Yes, this has been in my brain for a while).  I also have an idea for a darker urban fantasy, involving elves, goblins and a yet-unnamed third magical race and the UN.  It’s complicated.  But fun.  Did I mention Oberon goes nuts in it?  Yeah, that too.


We’ll see.  Let’s finish Sapph first.



(health/personal/writing) One week in!

Today is Day 7 of  going completely gluten-free and mostly sugar-free.  It’s been an interesting journey.  Weighed in this morning at 277.8 lbs, so up a little, but that’s okay.


It’s been hard, I won’t lie.  Drank Coke on Saturday, had sushi with non-GF soy sauce on Tuesday, and an ice cream cone on Sunday.  But all in all, I’ve made it through successfully, and I am feeling better (despite a headache this morning, which might actually be allergies).  My brain isn’t foggy, and my joints don’t hurt.  I’m looking forward to maybe getting off some of the meds that I’m currently on.


Speaking of meds, I’m down to 15 mgs of Prednisone as of yesterday!  Very excited about this.  And despite yesterday (which was a terrible day, I was sick for most of it), I’m feeling pretty good.


Pendragon continues to grow – I’ve just thrown a twist in that I didn’t realize I needed (yes, even outliners have twists show up on us) and I have to figure out what that means for the story.  I”m also looking at new projects for when this draft is done, as Midsummerland is not cooperating.  I like the story – it just doesn’t want to write, and I’m not sure why.  So it sits on the shelf, and I think I’m doing more of a fantasy next time.  What I’m trying to decide is do I want to jump into another series (I have an idea for a quartet of books) or do a one-shot (I’ve got a couple of ideas that could be only one book).  I’m also debating how much research I want to do, as one is a steampunk Venice setting, one is setting up to be Asian-flavored, and one might be Italian Renaissance.  Because I don’t do anything EASY, you know.


Okay, time to get moving on my to-do list for the day.  My tummy is grumbling, which means it’s time for breakfast.  I think today would be a good day to try those banana fritters I pinned to Pintrest a bit ago.

(personal/writing) Getting back into the swing of things

I’ve been writing again.  In fact, my new streak is at 8 days and counting.  It feels good to write again, like I’ve found the right thing that I need to be doing.


I used to wish I was one of those authors who could have two or more projects going at once, because they always seemed to be getting stuff done.  However, as part of learning my own process, I’m realizing that I’m not built that way.  I have two current stories going, and I’m going to be putting one aside so I can concentrate on the other one.  I can’t switch back and forth from different worlds – not when I’m writing, at least.  So I’ll choose one (Pendragon, actually) and then, once that draft is done, I’ll switch back to Midsummerland.


I’m okay with this.  Yes, it takes me longer to write and finish things.  But that’s okay.  It’s my process, and I’m owning it.  I have other things I can work on as well (like the page proofs for Last Rites), and the sooner I finish Pendragon, the sooner I can start shopping it around.


And that’s a good thing.

(writing/personal) The doctors’ appointments are done.

I’ve seen the last one today, and gotten the okay for my treatment plan.  Now, it’s just a matter of time, and healing.


Healing in more than just sleeping and eating right.  Healing in accepting that I can’t do everything.  That I’m not 22 years old and invincible.  That I can live with no regrets and move forward.


I’ve started writing again.  In the last three days, I’ve written at least 300 words a day on the Pendragon Casefiles #1.  I don’t like where Midsummerland is starting yet – I have the story, but it feels wrong where I started, so I’m letting that lie right now.  Pendragon is where my muse is.


And no, I really don’t care that ghost stories are hard to sell.  That’s part of the new “no regrets” philosophy.  I like ghost stories, and that’s what I’m going to write.


More later.  Now, it’s time for bed.

(personal/update/writing) I really don’t do this blogging thing well, do I?

I’m trying, I really am.  I need to get myself on a schedule again, where I settle in to write before work, so it’s done.  I also need to start working on more blog posts.  I just feel like I don’t know quite what to say, so blogging feels – I dunno.  Self-aggrandizing.  Ah well, I’ll get over it.


So, what’s been going on?  I’m still writing.  My streak ended at 54 days – I’m starting a new streak today after missing yesterday due to a ghost investigation.  It was a FASCINATING investigation, and I can’t wait to work on my recorder tomorrow.  I have something like 7 hours to listen to.


Writing news – I have the interior proofs of Last Rites, which are due by the end of the month.  I’m also working on the rough draft of Midsummerland, which I’m planning on having the rough done of by June 1, so I can revise it and get it sent on the agent hunt by September.  I’m still plugging away on Pendragon Casefiles 1 too, so don’t worry.  Ghost hunters will be out by the end of the year!


More later.  I just wanted to make sure that folks knew I wasn’t dead.  And that I’ll be doing more blogging soon.  I promise.